Budderking Budder 5g

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Lab Tested – 99.7% Pure THC

Budder is an ultra-high potency cannabis extract made by The Budder King, and is the same product that sold at Vancouver’s famed DaKine Cafe.

Cannabis Culture’s Dana Larsen, who has sampled some of the best cannabis extracts from around the world, says Budder ranks at the top of the list.

A little Budder goes a long way. One gram contains approximately 40 hits. Each hit is the equivalent of 1-2 full joints, making this product dollar-for-dollar the most economical way to experience the full medical benefits of cannabis.

It takes 28 grams of premium buds (not leaf or shake) to make 3 grams of Budder.

Budder tends to get slightly runny at higher temperatures. Freezer storage makes Budder easier to handle.